All That Glitters Is Gold: A Power Lunch with Sarin Bachmann

Thursday, September 14
11:15 am
 - 12:00 pm

Sarin Bachmann, Group Vice President of the RX jewelry portfolio, shares her journey to success for the iconic JCK show and others in her portfolio, with Clarion Events’ Chief Operating Officer Mike Carlucci. From developing a consultative sales approach to implementing new concepts, under her leadership JCK came out of the gate surpassing pre-pandemic metrics and revenue — and it continues to see extreme success. The 2023 edition of JCK sold out its floor space and even surpassed its record-breaking 2022 edition, growing more than 30,000 nsf and attracting more than 2,000 more total attendees and professional attendees than in 2022. 


Sarin Bachmann
Group Vice President, RX Jewelry Portfolio


Mike Carlucci
Chief Operating Officer, Clarion Events