What time is check-in? What should I wear? Who are the sponsors?

42Chat’s amazing EventBots answer these questions and many more, so your team can focus on more pressing needs.

As the premier text based engagement partner for businesses, 42Chat enables 2-way conversations, improved experiences, and increased productivity for events of all sizes.  Event organizers turn to us when they realize their email and apps don’t allow them to reach their customers instantly, when they struggle to find staff to quickly and accurately respond to questions, and when they want to build, own, and engage with their community year round.  Our award winning solutions drive engagement and solve your most important business problems.

For the TSE Gold 100 event, 42Chat created “Goldie”, to answer attendee questions, engage with the TSE community before, during and after the event, and keep guests safe.  Goldie is super smart, responding to millions of different questions around more than 100 event related topics, always answering instantly in a friendly and conversational tone.  Just “Ask a question, Get an answer”, and get back to enjoying the amazing event.

Interested in learning how 42Chat can help with your next event, visit us at https://42chat.com.